An Interactive Installation (2001)
1919, Victor Tausk, a Viennese psychoanalyst examines a patient, Miss Natalija A. She tells him that her mind and body are being manipulated by a mysterious electrical apparatus operated secretly by physicians in Berlin.
2001, I create an interactive installation that simulates The Influencing Machine. A large diagram of the apparatus appears three-dimensional when viewed with red/green glasses. When the user touches different parts of the machine with a wand, moving images appear to be projected onto a small screen.
2023, an interactive version of The Influencing Machine will appear here soon.


Interactive CD-ROM and Website (1998)
Enter the mechanics of a mind shot through by the forces of elctromagnetism, language and logical torment. Inspired by the play Doctor Faustus Lights the Lights. A collaboration between Zoe Beloff and the Wooster Group Theater Company.
In 1997 I launched Where Where There There Where as a web serial. Each week I uploaded a QuickTime movie.In 1998 I created Where Where There There Where as an interactive CD-ROM for Macintosh 0S9. It will soon be upgraded for the web

Read about the ideas behind Where Where There There Where, in my essay Doctor Faustus and the Universal Machine


Interactive CD-ROM and Website (1997)
Beyond is a mysterious virtual world. In a playful spirit of philosophical inquiry, it explores the paradoxes of technology, desire, and the paranormal posed since the birth of mechanical reproduction; the phonograph severing the voice from the body, photography capturing the soul and cinema resurrecting the dead.
In 1995 I launch Beyond as a web serial. Each week I upload a QuickTime movie.In 1997 I reinvent Beyond as an interactive CD-ROM for Macintosh 0S9. It had now grown to a extensive virtual world. In 2021 it is upgraded for the web by Dylan Marcheschi
Enter here
Drag your mouse to the left or right to move around a panorama - To move from one place to another, hover the mouse over different objects. When the cursor changes to a hand, you are over a hot spot - Click on a hotspot to explore.

Read about the ideas behind Beyond, in my essay The Dream Life of Technology