A public art project created in collaboration with Eric Muzzy. It includes a large mural and installation at the Electrical Industry Training Center in Long Island City and a series of canvas banners and films highlighting the resilience and diversity of the working people of New York City. Viewers can scan a QR code below painted portrait to see a short documentary in which each worker introduces us to their world, their work and their dreams for the future.


A gallery installation that includes five films, and numerous objects (2016)
An installation that investigates how our emotions and feelings have been turned into commodities and instrumentalized by global corporations. It asks what does the future hold in store for a world where people are treated more and more like things, while the billions of gadgets that make up the internet of things are increasingly anthropomorphized, granted agency.
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A WORLD REDRAWN: Eisenstein and Brecht in Hollywood

A gallery installation that includes three films,drawings, paintings, architectural models and archival documents (2015)
Eisenstein was invited to Hollywood in 1930 under contract to Paramount. Fleeing from the Nazis, Brecht arrived in 1941. Both attempted the impossible, to challenge the formulas of the motion picture industry, to create works that were popular and radical. Through films, drawings, architectural models and archival documents, this installation explores their unrealized film scenarios “Glass House” and “A Model Family in a Model Home” and reimagines their ideas for today.
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A performance/cinema/installation project (2012)
In the spring of 2012 I brought together a group of actors, activists and artists to perform "The Days of the Commune" a play by Bert Brecht in solidarity with Occupy Wall Street. The Paris Commune of 1871 was the first great Occupation in modern history. Thinking about OWS as a radical theater of the people, inspired us to conceptualize this project as a “work in progress” in a sense that all social movements are a work in progress. Rather than stage the play in a theater, we performed it scene by scene in public spaces around New York City.The installation is aa gallery exhibition that includes a film documenting the performances, props, costumes, posters and drawings.
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A gallery installation that includes film, video, photographs, drawings and objects both new and archival (2011)
This work explores how utopian visions of social progress intersect with the cinematic appartus, industrial management and modernism. It begins when Mutt and Jeff discover that hell itself has frozen over...
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DREAMLAND: The Coney Island Amateur Psychoanalytic Society and their Circle 1926-1972

An exhibition celebrating the centennial of Freud's visit to Coney Island (2009)
The show features "dream films" made by members of the society, a working model of an amusement park designed to illustrate Freud's theories by Albert Grass, the visionary founder of the society, as well as drawings, letters and many unusual artifacts.
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An installation comprising of 5 miniature wooden theaters into which archival films are projected and 2 stereoscopic films (2007)
This installation centers on the idea of "staging the unconscious”. Each theater presents a hysterical drama. These include “History of a Fixed Idea” and “A Modern Case of Possession” in which two patients of the famous French psycho-pathologist Pierre Janet, express their delusions in song. The other theaters present the ghostly specters of actual hysterics filmed by doctors a hundred years ago.
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A 4 Channel Stereoscopic Surround Sound Installation (2004)
The viewer enters a darkened room to discover life size stereoscopic figures that appear to inhabit our own three dimensional space. These phantoms reenact a series of ten séances held in Algeria and Paris from 1904 to 1912 with the French medium Eva C.