62 minutes (2021)
Cast: Barrett Martin, Diana DeLaCruz - Cinematographer: Eric Muzzy
In 1948 James Agee wrote a scenario for his lifelong hero, Charlie Chaplin. Deeply disturbed by the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Agee imagined New York destroyed. In the ruins, Chaplin’s Little Tramp builds a shack in Central Park. Gradually a small community of the dispossessed grows up around him. For Agee, his story was a thought experiment about how one might start again in the aftermath of disaster, to go beyond capitalism and just how hard that is in the face of our modern technological world. The film focuses on his imaginative journey and what it might mean for us today.
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51 minutes (2018)
Cast: Afshin Hashemi, Eric Berryman, Paul Lazar, Marie Pohl - Cinematographer: Eric Muzzy
The philosopher Walter Benjamin and his friend the playwright Bertolt Brecht spent time together in exile from Nazi Germany in the 1930’s. In this film they are still in exile, only now in New York City 2017. In the intervening years they have changed because in our contemporary world, refugees and victims of racism look different. Brecht is Iranian. Benjamin is African American. "Exile" is an essay film incorporating actors, archival footage and documentary scenes that makes connections between fascism in the 1930s and what is going on in America today.
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22 minutes (2015)
Cinematographer: Eric Muzzy
Fleeing from the Nazis, Bertolt Brecht arrived in Los Angeles in 1941. This film is inspired by notes for movie that he based on an article in Life Magazine called A Model Family in a Model Home. It explores Brecht’s ideas about working people and the home as a stage upon which larger political and social forces are played out.
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26 minutes (2015)
Cast: Bryan Yoshi Brown, Ben Taylor - Cinematographer: Eric Muzzy
In 1930 Russian avant-garde filmmaker Sergei Eisenstein spent six months in Los Angeles under contract with Paramount. A decade later German playwright and theater director Bertolt Brecht, a refugee from Nazi Germany, lived there from 1941 to 1947. Both set out to make films in Hollywood on their own terms. Working in the world's most famous factory of dreams, they believed that artists must call into question the way we understand our world.They wanted to make art that was both radical and popular.
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21 minutes (2015)
Cast: Kate Valk, Jim Fletcher - Cinematographer: Eric Muzzy
A film based on Sergei Eisenstein’s notes and drawings for a science fiction movie that he pitched to Paramount Studios in 1930. Its theme is the architecture of surveillance.
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2 hours 35 minutes (2012)
In the spring of 2012 I brought together a group of actors, activists and artists to perform "The Days of the Commune" a play by Bert Brecht in solidarity with Occupy Wall Street. The Paris Commune of 1871 was the first great Occupation in modern history. Thinking about OWS as a radical theater of the people, inspired us to conceptualize this project as a “work in progress” in a sense that all social movements are a work in progress. Rather than stage the play in a theater, we performed it scene by scene in public spaces around New York City.
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40 minutes (2009)
These films appear to come from the archive of the Coney Island Amateur Psychoanalytic Society and were first exhibited publically in an exhibition to celebrate the centennial of Freud's visit to Coney Island. Each year memebers held a competition in which members re-enacted their dreams on film. These films can be thought of as a record of the hopes fears and fantasies of a changing cross section of those that made up the fabric of Coney Island, from immigrant Jews and Italians to wealthy bohemians to young gay men exploring their sexuality in the 1960’s.
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Stereoscopic 16mm Film 40 minutes (2005)
Cast: Tea Alagic, Greg Mehrten, Josh Stark, Steven Rattazi, Kevin Maher, Eileen White, Eliza Fernbach - Cinematographer: Eric Muzzy
Augustine was the most extensively photographed of the young women hysterics at the Salpêtrière in Paris of the 1870's She was 'the Sarah Bernhardt' of the asylum. This is her story.
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16mm Film and 3D Slide projection performance 37 minutes (2002)
Cast:Emily McDonell, Josh Stark - Cinematographer: Eric Muzzy
A projection performance that lurches between the monstrous and the ludicrous. Guided by sounds from two 1949 psychology films: HYPNOTIC BEHAVIOUR and UNCONSCIOUS MOTIVATION wafting over the airwaves, Claire and Don find themselves uncontrollably acting out post war America’s fears and anxieties.
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Stereoscopic 16mm B/W Film 32 minutes (2000)
Cast: Kate Valk, Paul Lazar, Gen Ken Montgomery, Luna Montgomery, Shelley Hirsch - Cinematographer: Eric Muzzy
A 3D film based on the 1897 autobiography of Elizabeth D’Espérance, a materialization medium who could produce full body apparitions.
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Performance for stereo slides, hand-cranked projector and 78 rpm gramophone records. 20 minutes (1995)
A document of everyday life on New York's Lower East Side. To paraphrase Walter Benjamin; a spectacle not of life remembered but of life forgotten. Like dream images these cinematic fragments are hieroglyphic clues to a past illuminated at the very moment of its disappearance.
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16mm film 65 minutes (1994)
Cast: Kate Valk, David Patrick Kelly
A young girl escapes from her drab black and white reality into Kodachrome fantasy only to find herself face to face with her worst fears. Juxtaposing documentary footage of my old high school in Scotland with found home movies and staged melodrama, the film describes what if feels like to be anadolescent girl. Pressured by parents and teachers, she refuses to fulfil their expectations experiencing the scary awakening of sexuality as her body grows out of control.


An hour long B/W 16mm Film/3D Side/Music live-performance (1994)
A collaboration with composer John Cale, commissioned by The Arts at St. Annes. "There is the mariner. Ready for the sea. Where his footsteps will not beheard, nor leave their mark, so much lost in time...." So begins Cale's story of a sailor forever in flight from his youth. The imagery is very much inspired by the frozen landscape of 19th century stereo views, and the birth of cinema; a vain attempt to recapture those first moments when the depiction of the world began to move.


35mm B/W Film 6 minutes (1989)
Cast: Cast: John Cale, Eszter Balint, Taylor Mead, Everett Quinton
Lured by a lonely writer, Alice finds herself falling into a wonderland ofdecadence and despair; a New York nether world of lost souls and cut-rate charlatans hawking broken dreams and cheap perversions. Set in the ruins of Coney Island and Times Square, the film brings to life the underside of Lewis Caroll's classic.


16mm B/W Film 30 minutes (1986)
Cast: Bill Moseley, Audrey Matson, James Selby - Producer and co-director: Susasn Emerling
A film inspired by J.G. Ballard's novels Crash and The Atrocity Exhibition.
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