Lost - Performance for stereo slide projector, hand cranked film projector and 78 rpm gramophone. 20 minutes

New York. The Lower East Side. My neighborhood. To paraphrase Walter Benjamin; a spectacle not of life remembered but of life forgotten. Like dream images these relics are hieroglyphic clues to a forgotten past illuminated at the very moment of its disappearance.

My project for some time has been an attempt to awaken the past buried behind the present, behinds the illusion of progress by studying its scraps and remains, outdated buildings and fashions, the landscape of the everyday that has been discarded, overlooked. And at the same time exploring the ever changing relationship between technology, imagination and perception.

In this work, archaic home entertainment devices disrupt the seamlessness of conventional cinematic viewing, foregrounding the function of all machines of mechanical reproduction, that of the artificial resurrection of the dead. They are literally "time machines". Cinema, a time machine of movement frame by frame awakening forgotten fantasies. Stereo photography bringing about the artificial reconstruction of space. Here the storefronts with their dusty mannequins and crumbling draperies, referencing even earlier forms of entertainment, the diorama and the waxwork museum. While the scratchy 78's cough up the voices of those long departed. "Cohen on the Telephone" a classic Jewish comedy sketch from the nineteen twenties marks the strangeness of the voice severed from the body that haunted listeners of an earlier era.