A gallery installation that includes five films, and numerous objects (2016)
An installation that investigates how our emotions and feelings have been turned into commodities and instrumentalized by global corporations. It asks what does the future hold in store for a world where people are treated more and more like things, while the billions of gadgets that make up the internet of things are increasingly anthropomorphized, granted agency.

January 18 - March 24 2019
Lewis Gardens
High Street
Essex, CO1 1JH
United Kingdom

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51 minutes (2018)
Cast: Afshin Hashemi, Eric Berryman, Paul Lazar, Marie Pohl - Cinematographer: Eric Muzzy
The philosopher Walter Benjamin and his friend the playwright Bertolt Brecht spent time together in exile from Nazi Germany in the 1930’s. In this film they are still in exile, only now in New York City 2017. In the intervening years they have changed because in our contemporary world, refugees and victims of racism look different. Brecht is Iranian. Benjamin is African American. "Exile" is an essay film incorporating actors, archival footage and documentary scenes that makes connections between fascism in the 1930s and what is going on in America today

April 18 - 6.30pm
CUNY Graduate Center
365 5th Avenue
New York City